• For our Clients and new Customers we reserve the best model/hostess/actors service.

    Contact us in order to receive the right service you deserve. Especially for models and actors we prefer don't publish them photos or data because it's OUR TREASURE and we will be happy to cast for you the best figures you need but taking far the bad grabbers.

    The following list is just coming from people that choose to register on our website. Call or write us to receive the best complete selection for you and ideal for you.
Myriam J.

1991 (NA) - 170cm 45kg | taglia:XS

Mary D.

1989 (MI) - 155cm 54kg | taglia:M

Alina S.

1989 (MI) - 180cm 57kg | taglia:M

Aida G.

1992 (RM) - 163cm 56kg | taglia:S

Irina T.

1987 (RG) - 167cm 53kg | taglia:S

Mary I.

1995 (MI) - 165cm 45kg | taglia:S

Elena S.

1987 (PN) - 171cm 67kg | taglia:M


1991 (PN) - 166cm 47kg | taglia:XS

Silvia C.

1995 (TO) - 162cm 46kg | taglia:XS

Julia J.

1990 (MI) - 174cm 50kg | taglia:XXS

Greta B.

1992 (MI) - 176cm 60kg | taglia:M

maria P.

1987 (MI) - 174cm 52kg | taglia:S

giada Z.

1992 (MI) - 160cm 43kg | taglia:S

Giada Z.

1992 (MI) - 160cm 45kg | taglia:S